myCAGE - Konzert der KGNM zum 100. Geburtstag von ... 25.11.2012

Our collaborative radiophonic composition for John Cage called
durch die vögel (2011)
by Harald Muenz (composition) and Florian Neuner (text) will be performed in its quadraphonic version at Kunst-Station Sankt Peter on 14 December.
This 24-minute speech soundscape was commissioned as a tribute to John Cage by Hessischer Rundfunk (Producer: Stefan Fricke) for their series "The Artist's Corner", and was created together with the berlin based poet Florian Neuner. It uses snippets of 700 different outdoor recordings as well as textual excerpts from Cage's "for the birds" that were recorded with eight speakers.
Realisation: Harald Muenz
Voices: John Cage, Jörg Gruneberg, Urs Jaeggi, Bruni Muenz, Harald Muenz, Florian Neuner, Sigrid Sachse, Christian Steinbacher, Liesl Ujvary